CBD Peanut Butter Dog Treats – 4oz/100mg

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CBD Hemp Oil Peanut Butter Treats for Dogs and Cats
CBD Hemp Oil Peanut Butter Treats for Dogs and Cats

CBD Peanut Butter Dog Treats – 4oz/100mg

$27.99 $23.98

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CBD Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Herbal Pet Supply’s CBD Peanut Butter Dog Treats come in a 4oz/100mg package. As our furry companions age their interest in activities they once enjoyed wanes. Healthy joint mobility and comfortability play a major factor in your pets desire to go on walks, play with toys, swim, or even jumping onto their favorite spot in the living room. For this reason, we recommend CBD Peanut Butter Dog Treats to potentially assist in their overall quality of life.

Cornell University Study

CBD Peanut Butter Dog Treats may offer an option for treating different types of chronic pain experienced by your dog. Dr. Joe Wakshlag at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine studied the effects of CBD on dogs with osteoarthritis. The study consisted of a double-blind placebo trial for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis and multiple joint pain. A double-blind test means the veterinarian or owner does not know which patient is receiving the CBD oil or the placebo oil. 16 dogs were given  2mg per kg of the dog every 12 hours for 4 weeks. The 16 dogs completed veterinarian assessments and owner questionnaires 3 times: before the treatment, 2 weeks in, and 4 weeks in. The assessments measured the animals’ mobility and activity as an indicator for pain level. Researchers used the canine brief inventory and Hudson activity scores.

As a result, Dr. Wakshlag found 80% of the dogs taking CBD Oil showed “significant improvement in pain levels  and quality of life without observable or reported side effects. According to Dr. Wakshlag and other researchers, 2mg/kg of CBD twice daily can help increase comfort and activity of dogs with osteoarthritis.

Also, another study from the European Journal of Pain showed, using an animal model, CBD applied on the skin could help lower pain and inflammation due to arthritis. Consequently, your older pets will welcome the potential relief from joint inflammation when taking our CBD Peanut Butter Treats.

Dosage Recommendations

Each of our CBD Peanut Butter Treats contain 4mg of CBD. Each bag of CBD Peanut Butter Treats contain approximately 25 treats. We recommend you start at half of the suggested dosage per day for the first week.

We recommend the following daily dosage schedule per weight of your pet:
Under 10 pounds: 1 treat per day;
10-25 pounds: 2 treats per day;
25-50 pounds: 3 treats per day;
50+ pounds: 4 treats per day.

Speak with your veterinarian if your beloved companion is on any medication. Please see here for a list of ailments’ medication that may potentially have interactions with CBD Oil. Please contact us for questions or more information.


Whole wheat flour, bacon bouillon, water, egg, hemp CBD oil. Contains no GMOs!
Protein, Min. – 25%
Fat, Min. – 6%
Fiber, Max. – 4%
Moisture re, Min. – 3%


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